lunes, julio 12, 2010

Demand Justice for the Women of Atenco

Target: The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon
Sponsored by: Amnesty International USA

In May 2006, over 45 women were arrested without explanation in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico. Many were subjected to physical, psychological and sexual violence by the police officers who arrested them and then held in prison for days before being released on bail.

More than four years have passed and they are still waiting for justice. None of the officials responsible for their abuse have been adequately held accountable.

The Mexican Supreme Court has already affirmed that human rights violations occurred at San Salvador Atenco. Before concluding that it did not have jurisdiction in the case, the Special Prosecutor for Crimes Against Women and Human Trafficking (FEVIMTRA) identified 34 members of the state security forces as suspects in the crimes. The investigation is now in the hands of Mexico State authorities.

Call on the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, to see to it that those responsible for the crimes against the women of Atenco are brought to justice and that adequate reparations are provided to survivors and their families.